the end

my month in lines in no particular order

the current is alive

how many stories will be shared?

How will we survive?

more adventures to come!

we had many opportunities to learn and to grow with each other

I have frequently made new friends just by being open to the possibility.

that perfect slice

the beginnings

its not a place that’s home to me

Happiness to me is a state of peace

for the first time in 12 years, my brain works

I only know for sure after they tell me

the mind is there but no there

I know I still need to do more

I usually cheer for the underdog

I believe that we can always find the things that are good

I love the power of literature

the best grin ever

so grateful for the bond we share

I am so grateful to all of the amazing women I have known over years.

he knows we care and hopefully that will pull him though

My plants spoke to me and I had my slice

It is a magical place with a colorful history

I hope the tools and the strength to be resilient and to persevere

Now i wake feeling more accepting of the get up concept


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will we ever change?

how many stories have been shared?

how many times can we find examples of this?

when did it first happen?

who was the first to think

let’s blame a group of others

to blame ones pain -its all their fault

If only they were gone- we would be better

blood heart frame all the same

yet somehow


we find a way to  blame

first its words of separation then

words of fear which lead to


unspeakable unthinkable


repeatable violence

from which there is no hope of reparation


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phone withdraws

This is the generation (our students) who have no idea how to live with out their phones.  They don’t know what to do when faced with a long bus ride without technology by their side.  We are taking 8th graders to a museum where no phones are allowed.  We asked them to leave them in their lockers.  What?!  No phones on the bus?  No music?  What will we do on the ride? how will we survive? what if we need them?  Oh my! when I tell them that I didn’t get my first phone till age 40  they almost die of shock.  How different their lives will be.

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practicing wanderer

bags packed

airport bound

adventure filled

short on sleep

full of love

stay too short

back at home

3 1/2 days to go

pack bags

airport bound

west not east

more adventures to come!


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4 years 

Facebook informed me today that I have been friends with my daughter for 4 years. I thought back over the past 4 years.  Back to her junior year in high school.  So many challenges or as we try to call them- Opportunities.  We had many opportunities to learn and to grow with each other.  Times she had to learn how to be strong, to learn to persevere . 

 I have had the pleasure of spending a fabulous weekend with her as a young adult, exploring New York, meeting her friends and I am very proud to say that yes she is my friend.


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Solo traveling

I have, over the years, found myself in the position of wanting to do something or go somewhere but no one to join me.  I have never been one to let lack of a companion stop me from doing what I want to do.

This weekend I’m in NYC visiting my daughter and she had to work last night.  I wanted to go out,so I navigated my way on public trans to The Brooklyn Brewery.   I enjoy checking out local breweries whenever I travel and I wanted to explore The Brooklyn Neighborhood. 

The brewery was set up with big picnic tables in the drinking hall   I bought my beer token and chose my pour, then I went to look for a place to sit. I was hoping to find an open place with a group of people to meet some fellow craft brew samplers. However the place seemed filled. I found a spot on a bench by myself and settled in.  I looked up as a woman came over to me and invited me to join her and her friend. That began our silly,adventure filled evening. The two delightful, mature (my age) women from New Brunswick Canada and I proceeded to have a fantastic evening. We sampled some more choices and then they decided to join me as we wandered to the next brewery I wanted to try, Bridges & Tunnels. This was a very new, small brewery somewhat off the beaten path. Patrons of this brewery introduced us to the almost secret pizza place, Houdinis,  next door.



My new found friends and I had lively conversation all evening.  We exchanged information and promised to stay in touch with invitations to visit each other.  Traveling solo has never disappointed me.  I have frequently made new friends just by being open to the possibility. 

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History on repeat

Today my daughter and I ventured out to explore more of all that is Queens.  We went to The Queens Museum which is in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.  The park had been built for The Worlds Fair in the 1960’s. We came to a huge globe replica which by itself was quite impressive. We then went into the museum which was in between exhibits (unfortunately just missed an exhibit on the NYC punk rock scene) so there wasn’t too much there, but we did stumble across an exhibit about William Gropper.  He was a progressive political cartoonist who was came to fame during the beginnings of world war 2.  I was not familiar with him but by the time we left we were amazed and concerned at the similarities between then and now. He was staunchly pro worker and pro Union and cried out against inequalities of all types.  We talked about how many of the cartoons and editorials he wrote all those years ago could be reused today with only a few edits. 

2 days in Queens and loving every minute. 


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