Solo traveling

I have, over the years, found myself in the position of wanting to do something or go somewhere but no one to join me.  I have never been one to let lack of a companion stop me from doing what I want to do.

This weekend I’m in NYC visiting my daughter and she had to work last night.  I wanted to go out,so I navigated my way on public trans to The Brooklyn Brewery.   I enjoy checking out local breweries whenever I travel and I wanted to explore The Brooklyn Neighborhood. 

The brewery was set up with big picnic tables in the drinking hall   I bought my beer token and chose my pour, then I went to look for a place to sit. I was hoping to find an open place with a group of people to meet some fellow craft brew samplers. However the place seemed filled. I found a spot on a bench by myself and settled in.  I looked up as a woman came over to me and invited me to join her and her friend. That began our silly,adventure filled evening. The two delightful, mature (my age) women from New Brunswick Canada and I proceeded to have a fantastic evening. We sampled some more choices and then they decided to join me as we wandered to the next brewery I wanted to try, Bridges & Tunnels. This was a very new, small brewery somewhat off the beaten path. Patrons of this brewery introduced us to the almost secret pizza place, Houdinis,  next door.



My new found friends and I had lively conversation all evening.  We exchanged information and promised to stay in touch with invitations to visit each other.  Traveling solo has never disappointed me.  I have frequently made new friends just by being open to the possibility. 

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2 Responses to Solo traveling

  1. ccahill2013 says:

    I love it!!! I have to say, I would be awfully apprehensive about doing all that you did alone. My hat goes off to you. You showed all of us that “being open to possibilities ” is a beautiful way to live!

  2. This sounds so adventurous, Susan!

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