History on repeat

Today my daughter and I ventured out to explore more of all that is Queens.  We went to The Queens Museum which is in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.  The park had been built for The Worlds Fair in the 1960’s. We came to a huge globe replica which by itself was quite impressive. We then went into the museum which was in between exhibits (unfortunately just missed an exhibit on the NYC punk rock scene) so there wasn’t too much there, but we did stumble across an exhibit about William Gropper.  He was a progressive political cartoonist who was came to fame during the beginnings of world war 2.  I was not familiar with him but by the time we left we were amazed and concerned at the similarities between then and now. He was staunchly pro worker and pro Union and cried out against inequalities of all types.  We talked about how many of the cartoons and editorials he wrote all those years ago could be reused today with only a few edits. 

2 days in Queens and loving every minute. 


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One Response to History on repeat

  1. Kelly Neylon says:

    What a lovely day of learning for you and your daughter! How history repeats!

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