A word that carries so much meaning. This evening I came to realize part of what that means to me. I have moved many many times in my life. 20 times to be precise, most by choice, some not so much.  Some places I developed attachments to, others it was indeed time to leave with no regrets.  When I was young, a teenager, I went to see a musician, Jerry Garcia, who had a profound impact on my life   His spirit and talent spoke to me. Over the years I continued to be drawn to his music and discovered many other musicians who are similar. I went tonight to see David Grisman, who first played with Jerry in 1964.  The feeling I had when David came on stage and spoke about his friendship with Jerry it was then I realized- It’s not a place that is home for me. It’s that feeling I have when I hear music that speaks to my heart and soul. 

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2 Responses to Home

  1. baabazuzu10 says:

    I too am Grateful for the Dead.

  2. bevbaird says:

    I too moved many, many times. Your slice reminded me of the feelings too. Loved your last line – music does speak to our heart and soul most definitely

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