4 years 

Facebook informed me today that I have been friends with my daughter for 4 years. I thought back over the past 4 years.  Back to her junior year in high school.  So many challenges or as we try to call them- Opportunities.  We had many opportunities to learn and to grow with each other.  Times she had to learn how to be strong, to learn to persevere . 

 I have had the pleasure of spending a fabulous weekend with her as a young adult, exploring New York, meeting her friends and I am very proud to say that yes she is my friend.


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2 Responses to 4 years 

  1. That’s awesome! Don’t you love Facebook’s little reminders of how long we’ve been friends with people we’ve known our whole lives? I enjoyed how you put your own spin on that with reminiscing back to four years ago. Neat post!

  2. ccahill2013 says:

    Great picture!!!!! The two of you truly do look like friends. A bond that can never be broken! BTW I really enjoyed the slices from NYC!

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