making it a habit

I have always struggled to maintain any kind of consistent exercise program.  I have joined health clubs, told my self to walk everyday bought lots of exercise books, equipment, saved articles, pinned numerous exercise routines all to no avail.  I would frequently start and then miss a day and then that was the end.  Now however, I have, for over 30 days, started my day with a peaceful yoga routine.  I found a yogi on youtube who has a 7 day yoga challenge series.  Each day is a different routine with a different flow and structure.  My sister and I started the program on the same day and we keep checking with each other to make sure that we did our yoga for the day. I sometimes do an extra program on the weekends or in the evening.   I can feel the difference from when I started to now, less aches and pains more flexibility.   I know I still need to do more, walking or bike riding when its warm, but for now my day starts with Sarabethyoga, and I think it is a habit.

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Go Green! Go White!

Every March for the past 30 years I have been absorbed by the madness of NCAA basketball.  I am a Michigan State alum and have been a fanatic Spartan sports fan ever since.  Always filling out brackets, glued to the television watching not just my beloved Spartans, but all of the 64 in the big dance.  I usually cheer for the underdog -except against my team.  I love the personal stories of the players who tell of sacrifice and dedication to their college career.   The Big 10 tournament finals are today and my Spartans are there, ready for a win to give them a great seed in the big dance!  Go Green! Victory for MSU!

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What works

I read an online publication that recently started a series titled What Works. The premis is that so much of  media is based on the sensationalism of problems, conflict and chaos that it leads people to believe that nothing is good and that no one cares.   I love the series.   I believe that we can always find things that are good.  Even in the midst of the current state of political conflict and discourse. I was lucky enough to witness one of those things that works today.  I went to see a presentation by a program called Intonation Music today. It is a not for profit music organization in the city that coordinates with Chicago Schools and park districts to introduce rock music to kids.  They have free lessons, instruments and music camps for kids in Chicago. Dedicated people spend their free evenings and weekends teaching guitar, drums, bass, keyboards  and vocals to students who other wise would never have access.  Today I watched children aged 8 through 18 playing rock and roll to a room full of supporters   As I watched these incredibly talented youngsters I was in awe of them and the people who dedicated their time to encourage and teach them. I thought about how much music can bring us together and create common bonds    A room full of people from many different cultural backgrounds finding unity in music. That’s one thing that works

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Healing Powers of a Book

Ms. T I really need to talk to you today

I poke my head in her room

wave my hand in her direction

she shakes her head

comes to me and says

Im ok now – this book is really good and  I have to finish it

I love the power of literature

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hurry up! com’on quick

a rush – what?  the worst thoughts

who is hurt? A fight?

am I in trouble?

almost running

what could it be

and then

I saw him

I almost cried

I rushed in  and hugged him tight

we missed you!!

The biggest grin on his face, and the question

how is your mom?

she is doing better, she is gonna make it

and again the best grin ever



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Every Wednesday


It begins with a chirp

sometimes slow dribbles

small chatter

then sometimes a furious flurry

glad tidings

baseball, politics, gardens, books

always love

lots of love

supportive sharing

beautiful bond

Every Wednesday since 2/4/2015 my mom’s best-friend has led a group text with my siblings and me. Each week an early morning text with reflections of our mom or encouragement to us starts our day.  The chatter that follows back and forth between all of us is a treasure that has helped all of us to heal and grow.  So grateful for the bond we share.

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I heard on the radio this morning that today is International Women’s Day.   They said that the theme for this year is #pledgeforparity.   I thought about  about how few women, globally, are in positions of power and influence, I thought about how few women, globally, have the freedom to choose their future.   I thought about how few women, globally, have access to education. I thought about how many women, globally, live in fear.  Then I thought about how many women, globally,  support each other and work together for survival and aspire for the hope of parity.  For all women it begins with role models, education and a belief in sisterhood.

I think about all of the women in my life who have molded and inspired me.  Women who, when I was younger, encouraged me to read and to learn and to be strong.  Women who, throughout my life, still help me cope with trauma, make me laugh and women who dance in the rain with me.   I am so grateful to all of the amazing women I have known over the years.  I know that would not be where I am without the sisterhood that has been with me along the way.

In schools we always celebrate March as Women’s History Month.  Every year there are pictures of Rosa Parks and Emilia Earhart on the walls.  We teach them historical and current role models and we have students write slices about women who have inspired them. This is an important start, but we need to do more.  We need to help foster that sense of sisterhood, of supporting each other, combating that social media aggression and the ease with which they engage in conflict with each other.  It is through the support of sisterhood they can offer each other that provides a hope of parity.




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