What works

I read an online publication that recently started a series titled What Works. The premis is that so much of  media is based on the sensationalism of problems, conflict and chaos that it leads people to believe that nothing is good and that no one cares.   I love the series.   I believe that we can always find things that are good.  Even in the midst of the current state of political conflict and discourse. I was lucky enough to witness one of those things that works today.  I went to see a presentation by a program called Intonation Music today. It is a not for profit music organization in the city that coordinates with Chicago Schools and park districts to introduce rock music to kids.  They have free lessons, instruments and music camps for kids in Chicago. Dedicated people spend their free evenings and weekends teaching guitar, drums, bass, keyboards  and vocals to students who other wise would never have access.  Today I watched children aged 8 through 18 playing rock and roll to a room full of supporters   As I watched these incredibly talented youngsters I was in awe of them and the people who dedicated their time to encourage and teach them. I thought about how much music can bring us together and create common bonds    A room full of people from many different cultural backgrounds finding unity in music. That’s one thing that works

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3 Responses to What works

  1. ccahill2013 says:

    Music. It always works!!!! What a neat sounding program!

  2. That sounds great, Susan! I love the variety of the topics you write about -thank you!

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