hurry up! com’on quick

a rush – what?  the worst thoughts

who is hurt? A fight?

am I in trouble?

almost running

what could it be

and then

I saw him

I almost cried

I rushed in  and hugged him tight

we missed you!!

The biggest grin on his face, and the question

how is your mom?

she is doing better, she is gonna make it

and again the best grin ever



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3 Responses to Hurry!

  1. peteacher1 says:

    Such anticipation you create in this piece. Then, it’s like a huge sigh of relief and I almost wanted to cry myself. I assumed this was a student you were speaking of which is why it nearly bring me to tears. Your genuine concern and care for this students is awesome! How lucky they are to have you! What a great, positive ending. Again – the fact that you think it is the best grin ever…amazing!

  2. ccahill2013 says:

    Wow. Amazing. I love the follow up!!

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