I have never been an enthusiastic getter upper.  I prefer a leisurely morning. Waking when my body feels ready, not getting up until I really am ready.  Unfortunately the schedule makers in my world have not made that accommodation for me. I have tried lots of ways to Jedi mind trick myself into getting up early and ready to go.  I’ve done the setting the clock early and then lots of snooze shots, setting the clock late giving me the exact minimum minutes I need to get out the door and a variety in between. I recently have found something that seems to be working. I almost said it was exciting, but I will reserve that for the day I no longer have to follow a morning schedule!  There is an app called Sleep Cycle. It monitors your sleep movement and it is set to music that begins to play when I am at the most awake moment of my sleep cycle in a 30 minute window of when I set it for.  It has a snooze that gradually gets shorter till it is the time I chose.  No more clanking alarm when I am in the middle of a foggy dream making me feel like I’ve been ripped away from peace and thrust into the dawn of the morning.  Now I wake feeling more accepting of the get up concept.

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3 Responses to Mornings

  1. Glenda Funk says:

    Sleep Cycle sounds like an app I need to check out. I think our students really have a rough time w/ the schedules forced upon them, too.

  2. MaryHill says:

    Hi, sounds like a great app. I am not much of a morning person either. 😉

  3. parkers says:

    I also blogged about not being a morning person yesterday! Thanks for the app idea. I might try it out!

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