a month and a day

First you count the hours
The hours awake
The hours without
reminders to breath
then the realization that its a day
then ugh a week
each milestone with a flurry of messages
shared moments from 800 miles away
with the ones who share the pain
each day is not better but its less worse
then it’s a month and it’s ok ish
but then a month and a day
and it feels like day one
all over again

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6 Responses to a month and a day

  1. “Not better, but less worse” That line captivates me. It is raw. In it I can hear your pain and exhaustion. Beautiful words for debilitating emotions. Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. chiaraslice says:

    Time does not always heal. Sometimes it is a reminder of what we lost. Thank you for sharing your poem.

  3. kmurphy1027 says:

    Unfortunately, time without does not heal the soul. I am glad that you were able to put this slice together (I am sure through many tears)! I love you!!!

  4. sweathers21 says:

    A beautiful piece on the agony of loss. I hope writing brings you comfort and perhaps happy memories too

  5. crobertson says:

    Susan, this piece tugs at my heart. “each day is not better but its less worse” rings so true. I do feel that time helps heal but anything can bring the pain back to day one. I know this was difficult to write, but I’m so glad you did. My heart is open and ears ready to listen anytime.

  6. ccahill2013 says:

    I’m going through my emails and I came across this slice from you. I was so hoping that you would slice again with us this year – and you did and I almost missed it! Your words are so familiar. I feel your pain. I remember when my dad died it felt “not better, but less worse” as time went on. What a perfect way to put that emotion into words. I’m so sorry for your loss…

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