Let’s play two!

I have always been enthralled with the magic of baseball.  I grew up watching The Cubs with my grandma and mom on WGN.  My grandma watched every game or had it on the radio.  I grew up with the Cubs announcers in the background of many afternoons as well as shouts of joy or unfortunately frustration.  I went to my first game at 6 months old and have to been to many more games on a regular basis every since. 

We lived out east for several years, but we always went to the Phillies games when the Cubs came to town.  I remember learning how to keep score using those little pencils and the scorecard at the stadium.  I knew the name of every player on the team.  When I moved back to Chicago as an adult I lived not far from Wrigley and often went to games, purchasing a standing room only ticket and then sitting anywhere (back in the late 80’s when the stands were empty)  I often sat next to an old time baseball fan and we would discuss the merits of different players and lament the introduction of lights at the sacred confines.

When my children were old to enough to play sports, baseball and softball were a given.  They both played for nine years.  I loved every moment of every game especially after the games discussing strategy and rehashing the games events.  There are many life lessons to be learned in baseball.  I love that there is no time clock, it can’t be rushed, it has to just unfold at its own pace.  It is never over till it’s over, I have seen 12 runs in the bottom of the ninth to win a game, I have seen no hitters lost on a hit batsman and wild throws.  The events unfold with a measured stillness and concentration interrupted by sudden action.  I don’t follow the sport as close as I used to and my children no longer play, but there is still that tingly of anticipation when the season nears.  Two of my favorite phrases are when in the middle of February and those four magic words “Pitchers and catchers report” are spoken and then early April when I hear “play ball”.  I am optimistic and hopeful that this will be the year even if just for a little while.

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One Response to Let’s play two!

  1. peanutrwco says:

    Baseball season is happy season. It means summer is here! Ball games, hot dogs, pretzels, beer– oh what a happy slice!

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