Some of the things I remember most about my childhood involved this beast of a car and that contraption on top.  We drove that car all over the east coast camping everywhere we went.  There weren’t road or weather conditions that hindered our journeys.  The more we camped the more elaborate our supplies became.  Packing our camping gear was a precise science for my Dad.  We had the tents, cots, bags a huge assortment of cooking gear. and all the kitchen staples of a fully stocked home. My Dad (an engineer) built that superbox- all items needed for our trips packed neatly into that super box on top of the car.  It held everything we needed and then when we arrived at our destination, the box became a kitchen!  The lid was able to be propped open so all kitchen staples could be reached and the lid served as the counter.  We always had the most elaborate campsite around.  Although a 2014 Landover is a little different (slightly more expensive!) from the stripped down early 70’s model we had, there isn’t a time when I see a Landover that I don’t  think back to those days cruising around the country with our superbox.


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9 Responses to superbox

  1. creech33 says:

    You guys had such great adventures growing up. I love hearing about them.

  2. tsudmeier says:

    Your family sounds amazing- what great memories.

  3. I absolutely love the picture! Did your Dad get a patent on the super box? I’m envisioning an episode of Shark Tank. Great memories!

  4. Those sound like fun adventures. I’m envious of the box. Back when we camped, I just through everything into a couple of plastic totes.

  5. jhaworthoy says:

    This picture says it all! What a talent to have made that box. Sounds like something my father would have put together. I don’t know how much of that is done now days….but I am sure there has to be some home made contraptions. What great memories of all of you getting in the car and heading for a camping trip….a great way to see the country. Jackie

  6. Lmhteach says:

    Sounds so much like our adventures and camping trips….so fun…love the picture

  7. larmour2014 says:

    What great memories! Sounds like a blast!

  8. ccahill2013 says:

    I love it! Superbox – perfect name for a perfect memory!!!

  9. Fun times! I love that box. (We need one of those for our road trips because I’m an overpacker!)

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