Beautiful Places

I love finding little pockets of nature in an urban landscape. I spent a few days in Miami earlier this week and while I was at the ocean on the beach, it was definitely an urban landscape.  The area was cluttered with high rises, which we learned were mostly developed recently mostly by Donald Trump.  10 years ago this was a much less developed, quiet community of Sunny Isles beach.  I enjoy the busy nature of an urban setting, but I also love finding those hidden gems of nature in the midst of a city.  Walking distance from our hotel was a beautiful state park, The Oleta River State Park.  After spending our first day on the beach sandwiched on a beach chair in between tourists from various parts of Europe, we ventured out to the state park.  We rented a tandem kayak and explored the Oleta River.  Merely minutes away from the crowds and noise there was a beautiful oasis of peaceful nature.  We followed the smaller forks of the river as it meandered through ancient mangrove trees.  We saw stingrays and numerous birds, crabs, and different types of plants.  It was as though we were in the middle of nowhere.  So peaceful and relaxingImage

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4 Responses to Beautiful Places

  1. BoydenAmy says:

    “Minutes away from the crowds and noise there was a beautiful oasis . . .” What fun! I have never lived in a large urban area and this makes me wonder a little. . .nature is such a large part of my life. I like how you managed to find some for yourself.

  2. tammyyoga says:

    Lovely picture and slice!

  3. bbutler627 says:

    Oh my god, that is beautiful. It looks so serene. And your descriptions of what you did there are just the icing on the calm cake. Love this!

  4. jhaworthoy says:

    Isn’t it amazing how you can escape the nearby urban city and find an oasis of tranquility. Your words paint the picture well…and your picture makes me want to visit there. Jackie

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