what they carry

They come in our doors

carrying their backpacks, their supplies, hopefully their work.

carrying their smiles silliness and laughter

carrying their fears worries and shadows

carrying their anger and pain

carrying their hidden scars

the scars they hide in their heart

the ones from indifference or hurtful words

scars they carry under their clothes

the childhood scars on the almost grown

the scars we never see

but I saw

the childhood scars on the almost grown

I saw

I want to carry that remove that end that

find a way

to fix that

and to return that 

childhood smile filled with

silliness and laughter


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8 Responses to what they carry

  1. creech33 says:

    This is perfect. I wish their smiles could be returned. Maybe in some it can be. It’s so hurtful to know that some of those kids’ childhoods have been robbed. You’ve put perfectly into words how these kids enter our doors.

  2. marc-aureled says:

    You captured feelings that I often have when sending children home for a weekend or vacation. I wish I could keep them with me.

  3. ccahill2013 says:

    I know for a fact that those smiles and that innocence CAN be restored. I saw it happen in my nieces. It also happened for me. ONE teacher. ONE person can make that difference for our kids. Keep noticing!!! This was so well written. It just flowed……

  4. This should be read and reread by teachers throughout the year. We all need that reminder that the children we work with everyday sometimes experience the unthinkable….things that we never had to deal with as kids ourselves. We should be honored to be their stability.

  5. tsudmeier says:

    This is so beautiful…and you do- you help carry it for them.

  6. shelsdon says:

    This was wonderful. You captured something I didn’t even realize I recognized. Then I read your perfect words. I will read this often throughout this year. Thank you!!

  7. Kate Schwarz says:

    simple and poignant and eloquent and very true. loved it! so much of it can be for adults, as well. it’s a pity we don’t grow out of our fears and insecurities more often…

  8. Kim K says:

    The kids you are around are lucky to have you in their lives. Know this- you do restore some sunshine to their day. Sometimes, all it takes is a little burst of sunshine to turn around someone’s day. You do that for countless kids every single day.

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