Soap box

I have been known to be very vocal on something’s in this world with which I take issue. Such as Walmart.
Recently I have noticed a trend. Parents with their children who are completely disengaged. They sit there with their child while they are talking on the phone or just checking Facebook. Yesterday at breakfast, a father and his daughter sitting together enjoying what could have been special time with just them, was filled with the father chatting on his cell phone while the daughter sitting in silence. On the beach instead of playing w their children, again on the phone & tablet. Completely unaware of their child’s wanderings, discoveries and adventures. Last night at dinner yet again a mother with her two sons no conversation because mom was on Facebook. Time with our children is so short, the moments we have to help them grow and for them to help us grow are fleeting. Please, young parents don’t spend the time they need from you with your attention elsewhere. Disengage with your phone and engage with your children. There. Soap box rant complete.

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7 Responses to Soap box

  1. Lmhteach says:

    Good rant, my friend. I agree. There are times it is necessary to take that call, but I think we have all become so electronically involved that real conversations and noticings go out the window. And that is sad. We all need to be more aware, I think. Well said!

  2. larmour2014 says:

    Perfect. I need my daughter to read this so she will engage with me lol

  3. Julie Crain says:

    Here here! I see this so many times. Moms distractedly pushing strollers while they chat or text on the phone. Saw a Mom and child at a restaurant the other morning and instead of sharing breakfast, she had her head buried in her laptop screen. (Is there room for me up on your soapbox?)

  4. bbutler627 says:

    But a well needed rant regardless. I see this all the time too. I take a lot of pics on my phone and I feel guilty for that sometimes.

  5. I sometimes wonder what kind of relationship those parents will have with their kids when they get older. You and I know that time goes by very quickly. Before we know it, they’re independent, living their own lives. I don’t want my only means of communication with my adult children to be electronic. I love the sound of their voices and their conversations. That need to begin whe they’re little.

  6. tsudmeier says:

    I agree! The perfect thing to rant about. I was a the zoo the other day and was washing my hands in the restroom when a mom came in with her probably 4 year old daughter. Mom was on the cell phone and the girl was about to have an accident- she is dancing around holding herself so she doesn’t have an accident as the Mom continued her conversation. I totally wanted to tell the girl to just go, I felt so bad for her.

  7. Kate Schwarz says:

    As a stay at home mom of three, I agree! Put the electronic device down and PLAY with your kids! Sure, there are moments to check in with the world and get something done or text the husband to keep that relationship alive and playful, but… I am sad to think of what those children are thinking and learning as they watch their moms and dads on the phone so much… Nice rant!

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