March 24th 1965-2011

Some people are the kind that everyone likes, the kind that no one has a negative thing to say about them.  March 24th is the birthday and unfortunately, the anniversary of the death, of one of those people.

He was my neighbor

the one who built that deck I would sit on

the one who helped coach my kids

the one who played catch with his kids everyday

the one who kind and silly

the one who could laugh at himself

the one who performed in his church plays and even sang

the one who fought cancer with everything he had

the one who apologized to me for my pain as he fought for his life with his family

the one who died in the embrace of his family and friends

In memory of 

James Frederick Nietfeldt

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5 Responses to March 24th 1965-2011

  1. peanutrwco says:

    This is such a lovely tribute to him, Susan. What great memories you have of him. Hugs to you as you remember him today.

  2. This is beautiful. Cancer is awful. I hate it. You’ve celebrated a wonderful life instead of dwelling on death. Thank you.

  3. erinjohnson7 says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. This it’s a nice tribute to his life.

  4. tsudmeier says:

    Beautiful tribute. Obviously had quite an impact when he was here- a wonderful way to be remembered.

  5. Oh so sweet. Very lovely tribute. My elderly neighbors were like aunts and uncles my whole life. They had no children and when they died, it was just us there to see them off. Thank you for reminding me of them after all this time with your post here.

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