adventures in driving

Driving down the street,

icy rocks being thrown at my car

trying to drive faster

trying to get out of the way

arms flying wildly, spinning around

throwing rocks faster and harder and faster

I drive as fast as I can

trying to get away

trying to get out of reach of those arms

I know its not their fault

I know its beyond their control

The winds are blowing

causing this to happen

outstretched arms overhead

attached to those trees

rooted to the ground

trying to rid themselves

of the burden they carry

but please NOT

on my car!



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7 Responses to adventures in driving

  1. erinjohnson7 says:

    Love your poems and I was thinking the same thing yesterday about the trees! Things were dropping on my car!

  2. peteacher1 says:

    I like the short, descriptive phrases that make a great slice! I almost jumped out of my skin yesterday as I pulled out of the parking lot and an iceball fell from the tree onto my windshield. The repeated use of faster and fast had me feeling anxious, like I wanted to step on the gas myself. 🙂 Great job!

  3. tsudmeier says:

    Great poem! I love the line “icy rocks being thrown at my car” I experienced that yesterday too. I felt like I was in a video game being shot at- I never remember experiencing that before.

  4. Interesting imagery used here. I love the part about the icy rocks being thrown. This winter has just beaten us and our cars down!

  5. Kate Schwarz says:

    so great! I really liked the outstretched arms on the trees, reaching out for you. definitely put a great image in my mind, of you trying to outrace these trees who are trying to grab you!

  6. See. This is why I don’t do trees.

  7. jwhite9215 says:

    Fabulous. I love the metaphoric use of the trees. It adds to the intentional build up of the piece. Great Slice!

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