Travel Bug

As a child I had the good fortune to have a family that traveled.  Nothing fancy, we used tents, open fire, Coleman stove.  We went everywhere on the east coast.  I saw Brown Bears on Glaciers in Newfoundland and alligators in the swamps in Florida.  We traveled every summer, spring break and sometimes in the fall.  We were one of those families that would miss school for a vacation.  My parents believed in experiential education.  We saw every historical marker from Florida to Canada.  We called them hysterical markers because if we drove past one, my mom would shout “Wait wait go back” somewhat hysterically.  I have fond memories of all those experiences and developed a passion for travel as a result.  I traveled while in college on a study abroad program that enabled me to work in London and then backpacked through Europe.  It is still today, one of my all-time favorite travel adventures.

When my children were born, we continued to travel again- tents, Coleman stoves although the occasional hotel was thrown in.  We wandered the Midwest, sampling state parks throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan.  We went out east often, visited The Smokey Mountains (where my kids saw a brown bear!) and made our way up to Canada and drove down along the St Lawrence.  All this travel has apparently instilled the same love of travel in my children as it did in me.  

My children are away in college now- one in Florida and one in New York.  They both called me yesterday and informed me that they are both doing study abroad next year.  My son in Spain and my daughter’s semester is split between Spain and Italy.   I’m so excited for them to experience the different cultures of Europe.  They will hopefully both be there for spring semester 2015 and then I will join them for Spring Break!

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4 Responses to Travel Bug

  1. Dana Murphy says:

    What wonderful experiences for them, Susan!! I think it’s so great that you instilled that travel bug in them, I really do.

    And hysterical markers?!?? Lol lol lol.

  2. marc-aureled says:

    “We called them hysterical markers because if we drove past one, my mom would shout “Wait wait go back” somewhat hysterically.” I chuckled at this one because my children would say it sounds like me. I love a good road trip and hate to miss anything!

  3. creech33 says:

    This is so awesome. Great job raising those kids. Love their enthusiasm for adventure that they obviously got from you. And hysterical markers is so funny.

  4. runningfancy says:

    Loved the beginning how you explained your travel bug and how your parents instilled it in you and how you passed the tradition down to your children. My dad is a huge travel bug and I like to think he did the same for me——I could totally relate to this piece—-thank you!

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