A hut on the beach

Why own a house?
I had to make a big decision 2 summers ago. To buy or rent? I found a steal, a house in foreclosure- dirt cheap! I had to buy, how could I pass it up? I had to have a few things done to move in, nothing major all cosmetic. Finding people to do work and not get scammed has been a challenge. From the start- Locks replaced- I way over paid for cheap lousy locks. Then I had the airducts cleaned. I used a company on one of those flyers in the mail, well the coupon price is apparently not the real price. More frustration set in, doubt about my choice. Renting would be so much easier. But the choice was made and I had to make it work.
I found a good handyman contractor. He took care of some minor things, we painted and moved in. Perfect! Life is good! HA!! Not so fast
There have been constant issues since then-
Furnace constantly repaired and then on one of the coldest days- it died and had to be replaced,
Frozen pipe broke in the middle of the night flooded my nice new basement. At 3 in the morning freezing water bare feet foggy brain…I tried to use a little bucket under the torrent of water coming out of the pipe before I realized I needed to turn off the water.. A plumber came out (recommended from a friend) fixed the problem. Or so I thought
6 hours later more water gushing out of the same pipe! The plumber came back, fixed his mistake and CHARGED me! He said it wasn’t his fault the pipe was connected when it looked like it wasn’t
I received my check from the insurance company to fix my waterlogged basement and then discovered giant cracks in my foundation; horizontal, vertical and stair step. Called out The Crack Attack Team (yes that really is their name) spent all my money fixing cracks, still need drywall and carpet repair.
So owning a house- is it worth it? It’s a headache, a hassle and stressful. Some days I think a hut on a beach would be much better and now we are supposed to get more snow? Costa Rica here I come!

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2 Responses to A hut on the beach

  1. Kate Schwarz says:

    Costa Rica, I will join you! The endless projects of owning a house…I just can’t keep up. We’re thinking of moving and I swear one of the main reasons is that I just can’t deal with the same problems anymore. New problems seem so enticing. Have I gained any wisdom in my late 30s?! I think not. Hope next week is a house stress-free one!

  2. peteacher1 says:

    I feel such frustrations ringing in this piece. By the time you are done, you will have fixed everything so you won’t have to worry about anything else. 🙂 We, too, had some bad experiences with contractors. It’s certainly not a picnic in the park! Ugh! Hopefully things will be better soon.

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