warm reminders

I was having a hard time trying to figure out what to write about today. Even spent time commiserating with a colleague who was feeling the same struggle. I had some ideas this morning but I kept thinking (thanks to this challenge…constantly thinking!) something in the day would make a connection. And then I walked outside and felt the hint of spring in the air and I knew.

I had neighbors who became family. We weren’t next door but neighbors down the alley. We met one warm summer day walking through the alley with our kids in tow. We both had a boy & a girl, our girls had the same name and our boys were only 1 day apart. We began chatting and 17 years later haven’t stopped. When I stepped outside today my first thought was that it was great day for Stacy’s deck. For years we would christen the first warm day (even warmish) with an adult beverage on her deck. Coats and even mittens if needed but we would face that sun and hang in there till the last drop of sunlight was gone. Her husband would come home from work and never was surprised to find us positioned there soaking up the promise of spring. Our lives have changed and I’m no longer down the alley, but we still chat just as much and I’m sure Ill be back on that deck soon.

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9 Responses to warm reminders

  1. Kate Schwarz says:

    When this time of year rolls around, I’ve got to spread my limbs out and stretch my face to look at the sun, and let it warm every part of skin that I dare show and every part of me that is still covered in winter clothing. And to do it with a friend?! The best.

  2. peteacher1 says:

    I feel the warmth of the friendship between you and Stacy in your slice. This piece left me with a promising feeling that spring is very near.

  3. mvervinck says:

    Your post brought back memories of a friend I had similar to yours. Our kids were the same ages, and we would spend the summer outside on her deck or mine chatting while the kids played. I miss those days! (Yes, we were known to enjoy an adult beverage or two, too!) 🙂

  4. tsudmeier says:

    So true– being a writer makes you constantly think. Sometimes too much though- sometimes I can’t fall asleep. I love your line “last drop of sunshine” – it feels like you are truly savoring each moment.

  5. creech33 says:

    I know what you mean about feeling like you have nothing to write about or maybe too much. Or just always thinking. Especially with this challenge. I liked this one though. Something that you miss, a change happened, but yet the friendship is still there.

  6. Interesting, isn’t it, hsoma nothing can trigger a memory? You demonstrate that nicely.

  7. (Should have proofread before I posted !!!!!) interesting how ANYTHING can trigger a memory….

  8. bbutler627 says:

    First time seeing all our neighbors too! How this slice and coming home today made me long for summer!

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