The Moment

This writing challenge is calling me to places I thought were complete. The miracle of the written word is that beckons the unconscious thoughts out of hiding, it sheds a light on things that I need to know but maybe didn’t want to see.

There was a time
I knew for sure
No doubt in my soul
I Knew
what was real
And then
There was the moment
when all collapsed
when all fell
when all changed
Never to go back
The moment of realization
The sudden clarity
Stunning Startling Awareness
that what was
was gone

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6 Responses to The Moment

  1. peanutrwco says:

    Susan, this is absolutely gorgeous. Your capitalization in the line “Stunning Startling Awareness” ugh… I have goose bumps.

  2. peteacher1 says:

    Your opening, I am sure, describes the feelings of many who are on this journey. I know it does for me. So few words to your poem, but such a stark revelation of feelings. Great slice!

  3. tsudmeier says:

    Very powerful piece. I love the line “it sheds a light on things that I need to know but maybe didn’t want to see.” So, so true!

  4. bbutler627 says:

    Stunning startling awareness has me in a spell. What a line for harsh reality. Well worded!

  5. Kate Schwarz says:

    Beautiful. Bittersweet beautiful, because some of those moments are hard–like you’d like to turn back time and go back to what was JUST TRUE but now…you know it is not true. And you’re not the type to fake it. My favorite slice of yours. So far. Thank you for sharing.

  6. What an eloquent way to express feelings of change and loss. This can mean so much for so many.

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