The wieght of winter

Along with everyone else in the Midwest, I am SO done with winter…tired of being cold of seeing snow of driving on slippery roads of having to get my driveway plowed – all of those and more.  When I heard the forecast today calling for more snow, I groaned, I felt frustrated, annoyed, irritated.  I realized, like I tell my students, my thoughts were dictating my feelings which would then influence my whole day.  I stopped and tried to think of what I like about the snow and the cold or when has it made me smile and then I remembered after school one day it was snowing hard-  big fluffy flakes and one of my students walked past covered in those individual huge lake effect snowflakes.  That memory led me here –

The snow grows in piles

it weights down the ground

heavy thick full

but first

smooth light airy

perfect flakes

perched on the edge

of an eyelash

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6 Responses to The wieght of winter

  1. Your words begin with the weary thoughts we all have about this winter, but you managed to remind us of the picturesque qualities of a snowfall to lift us up. Really nice!

  2. Lynn says:

    I am sooo done too! But your lovely poem made me smile and appreciate it . . .just a little bit though 😉

  3. kmurphy1027 says:

    Great way to think of winter! I may have to re-read this the next time I complain about the snow! I am so done with winter too!

  4. tsudmeier says:

    I enjoyed how you put a positive spin on something that nobody has anything nice to say about this winter!

  5. jhaworthoy says:

    So many can relate to this…it has been a long, long winter. I even like winter…and I am ready for spring. We have not seen the ground since December…but at least the white brightens up a dreary day. Loved the visual of the snowflake on the eye lash. Jackie

  6. Kate Schwarz says:

    funny how writing often takes you from one mood to another… And as I read your piece I was right there with you at the start. SO TIRED of seeing snow and feeling cold. But by the end I was appreciating the single flake, looking at each magical piece rather than the overwhelming whole. Thank you!

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