Things I learned from the ocean

I have always been drawn to the ocean, if a year passes without me getting to spend some time at the shoreline somewhere I feel somewhat disconnected. My first introduction did not go so well, as a small child the rough waves knocked me down and under.  I sat safely removed from its touch, yet mesmerized by its rhythm.  As the years passed I became more and more enamored with its calming power.  I spent hours out in the rolling peaks and valleys, that area past where the break of the waves happen, just floating peaceful and free.  I would then come in seeking the exhilaration of the break, the force of the push toward shore allowing the wave to take me along for the ride crashing down at the end.  The thrill of seeing the perfect wave forming, rushing to get in place to catch it just right.  Floating out in the water waiting for that moment and treasuring it like no other when it happened, I learned the value of waiting- how sometimes just when you think there are no more another one comes along.  I learned how the wait was always worth the experience.  I discovered that you could never be complacent or unaware, to lose focus could cause that unexpected wave to crash on you pulling you down when you least expect it.  The need to be fully present is crucial.  Always aware of the potential danger but grateful for the thrill of freedom, to just let go.  These lessons have served me well to understand that what is the best comes and goes, patience is rewarded.  The moments of calm and quiet between are as important and useful as those moments of sheer bliss.  Even the best of things can be treacherous if taken for granted.  But for me most importantly is the knowledge that no matter what I do or what happens all things shall pass, the best, the worst, and the pauses in between.

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5 Responses to Things I learned from the ocean

  1. Dana Murphy says:

    Wow, Susan. This is a beautiful piece about the ocean. It really makes me want to float peacefully, bobbing up and down just as you described. And you’re the only person I know who can learn big, important life lessons from the ocean. You described your thinking so eloquently here.
    I’m thrilled beyond words that you’re doing this challenge with us. Really. And if this is a taste of what is to come from you…. well, keep writing!!

  2. Kate Schwarz says:

    I really like your slice! Thank you for it. I love how you learned the importance of waiting–by being observant and letting the lesson come to you, all by yourself. Welcome to the challenge, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for all of us on your blog this month (and beyond)!

  3. tsudmeier says:

    I loved this piece! Reading it made me want to go to the ocean right now and feel its calming power.

  4. Lmhteach says:

    Wonderful slice and seamless connection to innermost thoughts, feelings! Love it!

  5. erinjohnson7 says:

    Susan, this is a beautiful piece of writing and really makes me want to start paying more attention to the little things.

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